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Water, Water Everywhere

You ever stop to think about all the bottled water and what happens to all that plastic?

It’s wasteful and darned expensive too.  An alternative is to keep a few stainless steel bottles and refill them from a more economical source such as a gallon size retail container of Sparkletts or Arrowhead or even the store brand.  An even larger size saves more money and more plastic.

I refill bottles at home using our reverse osmosis system that lives under the sink. Currently there are several technologies for safe drinking water produced at home. Actually, tap water is not as bad as everyone believes it to be. A little lemon or dilute tea added goes a long way towards improving the taste.

Convenience is getting a bit overdone with the cases I see grocery store customers buying in individual bottles down to 12 oz. and even 8 oz. sizes. Stop the madness! Save money and do your part for the planet.


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