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Superfood super protein

Introducing a great new product. I found this company right in my backyard while making calls on local businesses. They are right here in Ventura, California and this is good stuff. Number one, it is certified organic brown rice protein powder and it also contains organic coconut, organic Vermont Maple syrup, organic acacia gum (soluble fiber), organic fine vanilla bean, and proprietary Boku Super Enzymes (amylase, protease,bromelain, cellulase, lipase, and alpha-galactosidase papain). In other words, all organic and very little sugar.

So I made a smoothie with almond milk, Boku Super Protein, and 8 frozen strawberries.

They have a website: www.bokusuperfood.com and a toll free number to order yours, 877-boku-food


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Earth Day

Today is Earth Day and I’ve thought about what I can do to do my part and my promise today is to not buy any food product that is packaged in anything more than a cellophane wrapper or bag. No cardboard, no plastic.

What are you doing for Earth Day?

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This morning after a bit of breakfast was a bout of some plyometric exercises. A simple one consists of squat jumps. These are performed by simply squatting then making a vertical jump and landing in the previous squat position. Doing 3 x 20 reps is a good start.

For bone density, plyometrics and or running make for excellent ways to improve bone density, especially in the pelvic, hip, and lumbar spine areas of bone mass.

This dish here above is what Kalli of Fit and Forty Something bestowed upon me.

Then it was included in my breakfast with some oatmeal with banana, almonds and flax seed along with some egg and leftover stir fry.

 Two cups of coffee were consumed prior to workout for ergogenic effect only.

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Weekly pledges

This week I’ve got a few nutritional pledges to share.

First, no calories in any beverage. Only water, tea and coffee. Coffee only before strenuous exercise not a daily ritual.

Eat a meal that’s primarily green (vegetables) at least four times this week.

Have fish at least three times and no beef, chicken or pork, unless they are organic which is unlikely to happen.

Eat a good breakfast, a good lunch and try to make dinner no larger than lunch and breakfast the largest of the day.

Blog nutritionally at least two more times this week.

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…and cottage cheese and flax seed with hemp oil was lunch today. No photo but check out my cycling article at ActiveVentura.com

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Nutrition is popular

And fun.

I got to hang with a special group of people who believe in healthy lifestyles tonight and listen to their great personal feelings on food.

We talked about carbohydrates and what makes them good or not. Although there seems to be a better more complex type of carbohydrate that we all should strive to include we also talked about ideal ratios of fats, carbohydrates, and protein.

In all, the group got to share some broad perspectives and it’s really neat to be part of learning and sharing. I think most people are looking to get quality nutrition and avoid some of the man-made ingredients and feel better. Next month we will have another topic to discuss.

Looking forward to it. Thanks to all who came and shared.

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I must admit the infamous Tuesday Night Ride that starts out of downtown near the Ventura County Museum’s public parking lot between Santa Clara and Main St. is a daunting ride. It’s darn near like a road race and getting in shape for the attacks on hilly Santa Ana Rd. and the Casitas Pass is work.

Getting there and setting off ahead of the main group is one way to accomplish your own training goals and still be there if you get caught later to catch the dynamics of a group draft at a fairly high pace.

Joining me in that thought was a couple of fit riders who were ready to go at about 4:45 which gives us a good 15 minutes head start. This strategy gives us a chance to warm-up so we don’t have to chase or burn our lungs and legs on the wicked paces on the hills.

The loop we ride covers approximately 40 miles. Generally the goal is to do it under 2 hours for a 20 mph average. Last night we accomplished that and enjoyed it thoroughly with the combined efforts of three individuals, Sprinter  Dave,  Super Smooth Michelle, and (this writer)Tenacious Tucker.

A three man (sorry Michelle) mini train can be pretty efficient for getting back to Ventura along the coast from Bates Rd. to Emma Wood State Beach after tackling the hills of highway 150 at all or our own individual climbing paces.

The wind was a challenge all through Casitas Pass but generally was in our favor once we got on highway 101. Motoring along at 25-27 mph was maybe a couple of miles per hour slower than our heroes who were somewhere behind us but was still a respectable speed. We then exited at Seacliff and hit the Old Rincon Hwy for a solid 6 miles of steady pacelining at maybe 22-24 mph.

In the end we never got caught. We finished the 40 miles at 1:57:00 or so with a 20.2 mph average and Dave, Michelle and me got a great training ride.

Article originally appeared at ActiveVentura.com

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